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At My Luxe Stuff we like to make products that are simple, the way nature intended, while providing a luxury experience that will make you shine...from the inside out!  You won't see any colorful products that are simply pretty and pleasing to the eye here, because we solely include ingredients that will benefit our Luxe Stuff family to the fullest. Nothing more. Nothing less.


​I am Tiffany Armstrong, owner and sole operator of My Luxe Stuff. The company and brand, founded in 2015,  began as I started  using natural remedies for myself and my family for everyday conditions as well as other things such as eczema,  dry skin,  dry hair & itchy scalp, and much more. As I saw the benefits of shea butter as well as other oils and natural products I wanted to share this life changing information with family, friends, and more. And so began My Luxe Stuff. We are so very happy that you have become a member of the Luxe Stuff tribe and hope to serve you and your families for years to come. 

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